The Historic Sultanbahti Meatball Restaurant


Founded in 1982 by Adnan Doğan on Sultanahmet Divanyolu Avenue, our establishment maintains a major value of the Ottoman-Turkish cuisine with its master chefs who have apprenticed within the ahi tradition. It is a point of pride for our country in tourism with its indelible marks on palates and its unique place in memories.

“Historical Meatball Restaurant,” “People’s Meatball Restaurant,” “Sultanahmet Meatball Restaurant” are some of the titles that our establishment has come to be known, where we continue to bring the delicacy of the traditional meatball to you under the name “Historic Sultanbahti Meatball Restaurant.”


We haven’t changed the delightful flavors we serve to our guests in a decent, historic environment since our establishment in 1982. The secret formula of why we are invariably well-liked is hidden in combining our quality and flavor with our dutiful approach when making our traditional meatballs and serving them to our guests.

With the meatball restaurant where our story began, we have become the one-stop destination for culinary delicacies frequented by many statesmen, politicians, artists and tourists. We have been visited by numerous authors and journalists and become an essential spot for those who travel from land to land in search of the secrets of delicious flavors.

We invite you to take the historical journey of traditional flavors.



You will get to enjoy the delicacies of the Turkish cuisine in the Historic Sultanbahti Meatball Restaurant located in the Sultanahmet Square while witnessing the historic scenery from our open terrace. The historical texture of the venue, a fascinating design and a unique view of Istanbul await you.

Our venue with its three dining rooms has a capacity to host 150 guests. Please don’t forget to make a reservation for large groups of guests.



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Sultanbahti Meatball


Meatballs are a staple of the Turkish cuisine. According to a research, there are over 300 different types of meatballs in our national cuisine. Sultanbahti Meatball, on the other hand is a Turkish cuisine delight that has become a brand and opened up to the rest of the world from Istanbul.

Produced from 100% beef, Sultanbahti Meatball will leave an incredible aftertaste of pure meat on your palate with its grilled green pepper and legendary hot sauce. Bon apetite.

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Sultanbahti Meatball