The Delicious Story
of the Historic Meatball


Are you ready to take a journey of flavors in time? We will tell you about the delectable story of the Sultanbahti Meatball. The success story of a small meatball restaurant, which opened up from Istanbul to the rest of the world…

The Best Meat!


This is where the story of our secret flavor begins. With the same conscientious perspective as the very first day, we have always been after being better and not having more. We are aware of our responsibilities in every step of the transformation Sultanbahti Meatballs go through from their initial state in the farms to the first bite of the food served to your table.

Our cattle are fed in our partnered farms using feed rations we determine. The meat of these naturally-fed cattle possesses high protein values. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, holds intense aromatic flavors and has a wonderful color and an unmatched taste. When the animals meet our slaughter criteria, they are slaughtered according to Islamic requirements under the supervision of a veterinary physician.

After the slaughter, the carcasses are left to rest at +4°C, after which they are brought to our restaurant without breaking the cold chain using vehicles with frigorific cooling.

The same, consistent flavor


The carcasses arriving at our restaurant are taken to rest in our special rooms. After having rested for a sufficient time, they are cleaned and processed by our expert butcher. Carefully selected cuts of beef are treated with our special recipe and the patties are given their final shape by our skilled chefs.

Our patties contain 100% beef, bread, onions and salt and have no spices or additives added.

The authentic recipe of Sultanbahti meatball, which has been passed down for generations, is used by our chefs today and perfectly preserved.

Our Chefs Work with Love and Passion


Another secret of our flavor is hidden in the diligent efforts of our chefs who work with love and passion. As the experts of meat, our chefs accompany the beef through every process from the carcasses being rested to the meat being treated with professional care, being cooked on the grill to perfection and delivered to your table. They are the chief protagonists of this story!

The Legendary Hot Sauce

of Sultanbahti Meatball Restaurant


Sultanbahti Meatballs are served with grilled green peppers and hot sauce. The history of this hot sauce is as old as Sultanbahti Meatballs.

“In order to enhance the flavor that his meatballs leave on the palate, Sultanbahti wanted to use this flavor from the Ottoman-Turkish cuisine and prepared a spicy sauce by creating his own authentic recipe with the ingredients he obtained from the Gaziantep region. This sauce was received with such high praise by the regulars of Sultanbahti Meatball Restaurant that it became a legend through the word of mouth.”

Today, with the same careful approach, we serve the hot sauce, prepared with the same recipe and with fresh ingredients from the Gaziantep region, together with the meatballs. You should definitely try this flavor, which is loved even by those who are not fond of heat.