The Historic Sultanbahti Meatball Restaurant


The meatball restaurant where our story began has been the one-stop destination for culinary delicacies frequented by many statesmen, politicians, artists and tourists!

Sultanbahti Meatball

The best meat

Our cattle are fed natural feed in farms we keep a partnership with.

Cooked on Grill

The meat is cooked to perfection by our chefs on charcoal grills.

The same, consistent flavor

The authentic recipe of Sultanbahti meatball that has been passed down for generations is preserved carefully.

100% Beef

We use 100% beef in meatball patties without any spices or additives.



You will get to enjoy the delicacies of the Turkish cuisine in the Historic Sultanbahti Meatball Restaurant located in the Sultanahmet Square while witnessing the historic scenery from our open terrace. The historical texture of the venue, a fascinating design and a unique view of Istanbul await you.

Our venue with its three dining rooms has a capacity to host 150 guests. Please don’t forget to make a reservation for large groups of guests.



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